Looking forward to helping you start your journey towards healing and good health

Silvia is a registered Nutritionist, Naturopath, Herbalist, Life Coach and Bodywork practitioner, and she is the founder of Nutrition To Heal.

She specialises in supporting clients who suffer from chronic health conditions such as digestive issues, cardiovascular problems, female hormonal challenges, weight imbalance and fatigue.

She has considerable experience in supporting cancer patients alongside their treatment of choice and she is a Practitioner Supporter at Yes To Life, the UK’s leading integrative cancer care charity.

She offers a wide variety of nutritional services such as



All include menus, recipes, lifestyle advice and support throughout

She also offers workshops and retreats.


Matching symptoms with medications and trying to suppress them will not lead to true healing, it will simply lead to another symptom and another prescription. Our body is not drug-deficient, this is not the reason why we are sick


The truth is, every person is unique, and the same state of dis-ease can have many different root causes and modalities.

This is why Silvia focuses in identifying the root causes of your health issue, removing the triggers, and helping activating your body’s innate healing abilities.

Through her experience in working with clients to help them achieve good health, she has developed an unique approach to mind and body healing that consistently gives great and lasting results.

Her clinical practice includes naturopathy, nutritional therapy, herbalism, diagnostic and functional testing, body composition analysis, Tissue Salts and Bach flower remedies dispensing, lifestyle coaching and bodywork