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Yes To Life Cookbook is finally OUT!

Food for Life

I am so proud to be one of the contributors of this wonderful, colourful, nourishing cook book, full of recipes to inspire you.

Please share widely!


Check the latest from the world of nutrition and science, and enjoy delicious and healthy recipes, as seen in Food for Life: Recipes to inspire you

What clients say

"Few years back, I was diagnosed with cancer. Silvia helped me enormously on my way to recovery after substantial weight loss and side effects associated with the cancer treatment. She advised on the best food and food sources, helped me adapt and change my diet, was immensely patient with my reluctance to try new things and incredibly generous with her time and advice in my hour of need. I am forever indebted to Silvia for supporting me so kindly and expertly through this very difficult time in my life. Years later, I still regularly go and see her for treatment and advice. I cannot recommend her enough."
Laurence P.
"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me over the last months. It has been life-changing and without your help, and your inspiration to me to help myself, I am quite sure I would not be where I am now."
George J.
"I have been Silvia’s client for more than 10 years. She has seen me through two pregnancies and quite few sport injuries. Her calm and thoughtful style as well as holistic approach make wonders!"
Olga A.

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