Learn how to De-Stress and Reconnect


Stress is the body’s natural response when it feels under threat or challenged.

Whether this threat is real or perceived, the body starts a process of self-defense and the well-known “fight or flight” mechanism kicks in, allowing us to either fight the challenge or run for our life.

At this moment, cortisol goes up, heart rate increases, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises… we are ready to face the hungry tiger who just came out of the bush!

At the same time, the body will also start to slow down or turn off some of the non essential processes, like digestion and reproduction, or our immune defenses, for example, not really needed when facing a danger… all the energy is focusing on our survival.


The problem arises when this state of stress becomes chronic.

Physiologically, being chased by a tiger has become same as being stuck in traffic or worrying about work family or bills.

Because of a thought, not an actual danger, our body lives in a permanent state of pressure and strain, which will inevitably lead to health issues.

We might start accumulating weight around our waist (often a sign of cortisol dysregulation) or forgetting things, our sleep gets disrupted, our period can stop, our cravings for sugar increase, that nagging cold won’t go away…

Some of us are so used to be stressed, that often we don’t know we are stressed until we reach the limit and we crash.

The truth is stress has become the number one killer and the number one contributing factor to illness.

High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, depression, anxiety…they can all be caused or influenced by stress.

Stressors can be:

  • psychological/emotional: anxiety, worrying, over-thinking
  • physical: accidents, repetitive strain injuries, over-exercising
  • biochemical: GMO, pesticides, BPA, heavy metals, EMF, prescriptions, etc.


Stress is everywhere – The key is to become more resilient to it


The DE-STRESS program includes:


  • One naturopathic nutrition consultation (one hour and 15 minutes)
  • A detailed nutritional and lifestyle plan
  • One follow up (45 minutes)
  • Healthy and delicious recipes
  • A blend of organic herbs carefully chosen for their adaptogenic properties
  • 2×50 minutes Bodywork sessions, breathing and mindfulness techniques
  • Tips on how to de-stress your home and working space